Guest Room Design Ideas

The holidays have arrived, and we’re turning our attention to guest rooms. Far from being second fiddle, the guest room is a wonderful space for creative experimentation, combining the amenities of a hotel with the intimacy and charm of a

The owner of this Gramercy townhouse is what you could call a creative force. As a fashion industry veteran turned real estate developer, restaurateur, and even Broadway producer, she is both sensitive artist and savvy entrepreneur – the problem is,

Nature is a powerful force for New York-based multidisciplinary artist Keren Anavy. It is both subject matter and metaphor within her work – a cultural agent that shapes our world, and tells our stories. Since moving from Tel Aviv to

chelsea loft frampton co

At our Chelsea Loft project, the client came to us with an adventurous design sense and an expansive, open-concept great room – in many ways a designer’s dream, albeit with one ‘problem’ area. The secondary dining area, while ideal for

Nick Missel Artist Interview

Engaging in what he describes as ‘cultural archaeology,’ Philadelphia-based artist and designer Nick Missel captures echoes of our physical world, reviving discarded and overlooked materials as one-of-a-kind, functional sculptures. His particular blend of unrestrained experimentation, inverted form-making, and a human

Dining room design by Scott Pasfield and Isabel Bigelow

It was a privilege jumping into our Brooklyn Townhouse project – and Luxe cover story – with a repeat client-couple who had purchased a new home for their young family. We established an incredible foundation of trust working together, so they were gung-ho

The Leyton Penthouse | Light Living room with Cozy Sitting and Dining Areas and Beautiful Views of the City

Picture this: a soaring, double-height Great Room enclosed almost entirely by floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a coveted vista of Central Park’s brimming canopies and the iconic, landmark-studded Manhattan skyline, where on a clear day, uninterrupted views allow the eye to

Collaborative design from; Christina Z. Antonio, William Storms, Nick Missel, and Frampton's F Collection

Celebrating its highly anticipated return, Exhibition Penthouse reopens its doors for COMING HOME, a celebration of diverse mediums and design methodologies under one roof with works by Christina Z. Antonio, William Storms, Nick Missel, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, and 

Designer and CEO, Elena Frampton

As art fanatics by nature and by trade, we spend a lot of time digging through the vaults of galleries, visiting studios, and combing through the treasures of the fairs – with our eye out for the hidden gems. On

The Magic of Objects with Principle Elena Frampton and designer Ini Archibong
"Elena’s Eye | A Timely Guide to Art and Design Out East "