Rustic bedroom details with wooden nightstand and dresser

Brooklyn Townhouse | blue wallpaper in lounge space with blue tiles in bathroom

View of a bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and lounge chaise

Grey Blanket Covering Double Bed and Grey Bathroom

White Bathtub, A Full-Lenght Mirror Panel Nearby and a Double Wooden Bed

Lounge room details with woven blanket and custom wooden shelf in a bedroom

Bedroom design with large windows and yellow dressers and green lounge chair

Electric Guitar Bedroom

Green Peacock Wallpaper

Sun Bond bedroom with Dark Interior Design, a Grey Rug and a Crystal Dining table next to a Large Painting

Sun Bond Vibrant bedroom and a top view of Green Callas on a Cube-Shaped Table

Bedroom with Vibrant Wallpaper with Flamingos and a White Bathtub with Views of a Building

Custom-made Millwork Walk-in Closet Shelves and Bedside table

White themed bedroom and Custom-made Millwork Walk-in closet Shelving

Dodd crystal nightstand, hanging lights, a big bed in pink shades, and white office desk and a sofa

Dodd residence chair and couch in front of a bed

Dodd room with pink and brown interior design, a nightstand and cabinet with blue drawers

Platinum Hideway room setup with bed and chair

Platinum Hideway room with Blue walls, chairs next to a big window with stunning views of Central Park and a wooden desk

Bond Street room setup with bed, round crystal table, a lounge chair and blue curtains

Bond Street bedroom with a Big Cozy Bed and Chair in Blue Interior Design

Frampton large lounge area with assorted couches

Bathroom with Warm Colors Interior Design and a Bedroom in Cool Grey and Blue Colors

Desk setup and lamp on a nightstand by the bed

Bedroom in Venice Loft view of bed and lamp in white and blue hues

Bedroom in Venice Loft with Cozy Bed and a window view

Sagaponack residence | Kid's bedroom with pink mermaid wallpaper and a white bed

Sagaponack residence Indoor View of a pastel cherry tree drawing wallpaper

Walls with Sagaponack Continent Map in blue and white

Walls with Sagaponack Continent Map in blue and white

View of Bedrooms in Purple and Green Interior Designs

Primary bedroom and bath design with mint green and orange palette

Bedroom window view setup with two chairs and table

Bedroom setup with a lamp on a wooden nightstand and a fluffy chair

Two images of seating areas; one with muted bookshelf and another located by a window

Bedroom with a big bed and two footstools, and bathroom with glass door

An Armchair in warm tones against a wooden desk with a TV

Bedroom in Warm Hues with nightstand, couch, and footstool.

Children's lounge room with a big window, couches, colorful pillows and blue walls.

Bedroom with two golden nightstands, a big cozy grey bed, and a window.

Seating layout with assorted tables and couches against red wallpaper

Pink Wallpaper with Repeated Patterns, Big White Sofa, and a Plant in a Black cube-shaped flowerpot on a small grey table.

Sculptural Furniture in Different Colors and Shapes and a big Pink Wallpaper with Repetitive Patterns

Two Cozy Armchairs, A Metallic Sofa, a White Coffee table and Curtains, and a Wallpaper with pink forms.

View of a cozy grey bed with light and two black round nightstands on both sides

Bedroom with Grey Interior Design, a chair by big windows with views of the city