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Portrait of Co-Curators

In 1973, Women Choose Women made waves throughout the art world. Presented at The New York Cultural Center, it was the first large-scale museum exhibition of women artists in New York, notably also curated by a committee of women artists.

Now, 50 years later, we’ve partnered with Berry Campbell to present Women Choose Women at Exhibition The Barn in Bridgehampton. The exhibition is curated by Christine Berry and Martha Campbell, co-founders of Berry Campbell, and Elena Frampton, principal of Frampton Co. Like its namesake, Women Choose Women was organized in an efficacious and cooperative spirit with the belief that advocacy for – and by – women in the arts is just as necessary today.

The exhibition showcases emerging, mid-career, and historically overlooked women artists and designers. Work on view comprises wide-ranging painting, works on paper, sculpture, lighting, and furniture. “After many thoughtful discussions, the artists included in the exhibition were not be chosen for their aesthetic similarities, but for their individual strengths and unique qualities they share,” says Christine Berry.

Rare Abstract Expressionist works are in dialogue with contemporary ceramics and sculpture, while minimalist color field paintings draw contrast with expressive, post-impressionist landscape. “It’s thrilling to show these historically important works at Exhibition The Barn alongside a diverse selection of contemporary art and design,” says Elena. “The curation is a true reflection of the partnership between Frampton Co and Berry Campbell.”

Highlights include Ethel Schwabacher’s Wild Honey, on view to the public for the first time since 1987; a rare work on paper by Elaine de Kooning; and another by Lynne Drexler, whose work has recently reemerged following decades of obscurity. “I am inspired by the women artists who forged their way in an art world where they received no acknowledgement, no recognition, but yet continued creating art every day of their lives doing what they were born to do,” says Berry.

“There is still necessary work to be done to advance women in the arts,” says Elena. “Not just through conscious and deliberate curation, but also in the spirit that is brought to the process – one of inclusivity, partnership, and sensitivity.”

Women Choose Women is on view through September 9th. Exhibition The Barn is open Thursday-Saturday, 11am-5pm, and Sunday-Wednesday by appointment.


Abstract expressionist paintings at Hamptons gallery
Foot shaped stool with cool tone abstract paintings
Ceramic lamp and vase with bright florals and abstract paintings

Curators Christine Berry, Elena Frampton, and Martha Campbell

Nanette Carter, “Cantilevered #9,” 2023

Christopher Schwabacher pictured alongside the painting "Wild Honey" by his mother Ethel Schwabacher

Elaine de Kooning, “Pasture, Wan Fou Shan," 1988

Artist Susan Vecsey with her work, "Untitled (Caput/Blue)"

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