View of a room with Big Wooden Wardrope, Blue Wallpaper with birds and brown cozy chairs next to a fireplace.

Brooklyn Townhouse | blue wallpaper in lounge space with blue tiles in bathroom

Amagansett Dunes House Entryway view of a Staircase with crystal railing and a small working area in a Corridor

Electric Guitar Bedroom

White living room couch and Black floating shelves and desk

15 Hudson Yards Entrance view of a Corridor with a bicolored rug in Green Hues and a Living Room with a Green Armchair.

Green Peacock Wallpaper

Custom-made Millwork Bookcase and Fireplace

Office area with red desk, colorful cozy chair, and a Palmtree Wallpaper in Blue and White Shades

Close-up of seating area and curtains and desk lamp

Blue wallpaper with colorful chair and lamp close-up

Top view of a Lilac Flower. Workspace with a large red desk by Big Mirror Panels and blue wallpaper.

Cozy Chair in different colors next to a metallic decoration and two abstract paintings in warm colors

A close-up view of a golden decoration and a cozy beige armchair by a fireplace

Dodd crystal nightstand, hanging lights, a big bed in pink shades, and white office desk and a sofa

Platinum Hideway room with Blue walls, chairs next to a big window with stunning views of Central Park and a wooden desk

Platinum Hideway | Two chairs by a big window with views of the city and a wooden desk space

A top view of Two Chicks Decorations and a cozy grey corner sofa by the window

West Park screening room with small theatre, couches, bookshelf

Seating area with a lamp, bathroom with seat and sink in Brown Hues

Cozy Seating area in Brown Shades and a bookshelf stuffed with books

Sitting Area with A Short White Sofa, a black leather chair and a small wooden round table over a Black Bear Carpet

Office area with shelves, office desk with a table lamp, an office chair, an abstract painting and a photo on the wall

Seating area with tinted door and window, office space in the back

Two images of seating areas; one with muted bookshelf and another located by a window

Seating area with monochrome cushions and wall and window

Seating areas with earthy tones, hardwood and carpeting

Wooden Seating area design with hidden shelves and desk space