Frampton Co is an interior design studio and art advisory with an eye for the unexpected.

Our Vision

With an eye for the unexpected and a strong sense of adventure, we believe that every project is an opportunity to create something special, personal, and contextually sensitive. Guided by instinct and driven by design principles, our work blends the artful with the pragmatic to create unique interiors that feel as good as they look.

At the heart of our work lies the art. It inspires our way of thinking, informs our design process and influences the way we shape space. Whether we’re solving spatial problems or introducing you to an artist or craftsperson, our search for meaning and authenticity is underpinned by a lifetime of studying the science behind the aesthetic, so we instinctively know what works. Our ideas may seem bold, but they come from an innate sense of what makes them livable.

From our Bridgehampton & New York City studios, we provide interior design services to clients across the United States. Frampton Co has been featured in such publications as The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalArchitectural DigestElle DecorGalerie, Hamptons Magazine, Cultured, among many others.

“I come out of the gate each time with an entirely new vision for every project. The design solutions come very quickly – I know what I want to create.”

About Elena Frampton

Elena Frampton founded Frampton Co in 2015, following nearly two decades at the helm of a successful bi-coastal design practice and honing her craft at some of New York’s most prestigious interior design firms.

Through a wholly-integrated approach, Elena makes sense of every space and brings out its spirit. Her knack for clever solutions that strike a balance between pragmatism and personality draws even the most cautious of clients into her process. With an infectious enthusiasm for art and a rigorous understanding of design theory, she is an expert in creating consistently one-of-a-kind environments that transcend boundaries.

Elena’s innate ability to shape space goes back to a childhood of balancing two worlds, between her maternal Mexican family in Los Angeles and the Midwestern farm on her father’s side. Her experience of navigating the desert landscapes of Arizona at college, with its bounty of interventions, inspires the construction of the layers and ‘reveals’ that characterize her design and curatorial practice. This, combined with her keen eye for detail, is key to the surprising combinations and unexpected applications that make her stand out as an unparalleled talent uniquely positioned in both the art and design worlds.

Her curious nature and strong desire to forge connections fuels a constant search for new forms of creative expression. The vision culminates with Exhibition The Barn, the Bridgehampton gallery where she curates an ever- changing display of notable and under-the-radar works and her own original furnishings, F Collection.

Alongside her studio practice, Elena is a natural educator and lifelong learner. She has taught at Parsons School of Design and is an active committee member of the Parrish Contemporaries Circle at the Parrish Art Museum.