The Leyton Penthouse | Light Living room with Cozy Sitting and Dining Areas and Beautiful Views of the City

Picture this: a soaring, double-height Great Room enclosed almost entirely by floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a coveted vista of Central Park’s brimming canopies and the iconic, landmark-studded Manhattan skyline, where on a clear day, uninterrupted views allow the eye to

Collaborative design from; Christina Z. Antonio, William Storms, Nick Missel, and Frampton's F Collection

Celebrating its highly anticipated return, Exhibition Penthouse reopens its doors for COMING HOME, a celebration of diverse mediums and design methodologies under one roof with works by Christina Z. Antonio, William Storms, Nick Missel, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, and 

Designer and CEO, Elena Frampton

As art fanatics by nature and by trade, we spend a lot of time digging through the vaults of galleries, visiting studios, and combing through the treasures of the fairs – with our eye out for the hidden gems. On

The Magic of Objects with Principle Elena Frampton and designer Ini Archibong
"Elena’s Eye | A Timely Guide to Art and Design Out East "
Exhibition The Barn, Zoomed-in View of a Blue and Golden Noodle Pillow, and Yellow Curtains
New Dining room design with Darker tones, Cozy Sitting Furniture in Different Colors and A Round Table

The world is looking more familiar these days, and we’re excited to be welcoming guests back into our homes. For many of us, the dining room has taken on new functions over the past year, many here to stay (home

Art + Design from NY to Miami with Principle Elena Frampton and The Director at Nina Johnson Gallery, Nina Johnson
Black And White Photographs done by London-based photographer Joshua Olley

We have a penchant for the in-between; that powerful and mystic quality found in the balance between sensibilities, elements, or states of being. This is what draws Elena to the work of NY and London-based photographer Joshua Olley, whose meditative, starkly beautiful images

Winter Exhibition featuring works from; J. Olley, C. McDean, J. Frohman, Estudio Campana, M. Wanders, and Doris Leslie Blau

We’re excited to announce Frampton Co’s first-ever Winter Show at Exhibition The Barn. Curated by Elena, it’s an expression of boldness, vibrance, and contradiction brought to life. Picture this: The Barn is wrapped with a custom marigold curtain, enveloping the

Outdoor View of the Building of Nelson Fine Arts Center | Tempe, AZ

The very early days of Elena’s passion for (or shall we say obsession with?) design is a little-known story. She was raised in architecturally diverse Southern California by a Mexican mother and a Midwestern farm-raised father. With unusually high ceilings,

Picture a blue chip gallery in New York’s Chelsea district, a rainy day, off hours, and Elena has the place to herself… Walking toward the gallery’s private library, she passed one of the glassed-in offices, and an artwork caught her