Behind The Curtain | The *Art* of The Install

Our art advisory services are led by a firm belief in the transformative power of art.

The power to alter and enhance our experience is two-fold – it stems not only from the meaning and emotion inherent to the work itself, but  in the presentation and way the work relates to space. Our view of art and space as congruent is what sets us apart, especially through our ability to conceive and execute dynamic installation strategies.

We’re sharing a look behind the art advisory curtain, with a few of our golden rules and go-to tactics in crafting the *art* of the install.


paintings installed at florida estate home
Choose works that activate the spirit, then focus on activating space

Flexibility First

Look, we know this is about installation, but the work always comes first. Our art advisory centers on the principle of pleasure – that collecting and living with art should be at the forefront of the experience. In short, buy what you love, what excites you, what challenges you. The options for placement will follow the spirit of the work and space. And – if you’re like some of our clients – evolving lifestyle chapters will require flexibility in the long-term.


Elevating a new acquisition with a custom display solution

Design The Solution

When a repeat client with a strong interest in abstract expressionism enlisted us to expand and diversify his collection, we strategically acquired contemporary works in a variety of media, including a ceramic sculpture by Merete Rasmussen. The only problem: the work felt lost among the client’s many large-scale paintings. So we designed a custom white oak and lucite plinth. Thanks to this display solution, the work appears to ‘float’ and the dynamic, sinuous lines of the form are emphasized.


Lisa Kreszi photography and Alex Katz painting installation
Strategically tapping into art’s ability to alter our experience

Art That Enhances (And Vice Versa)

Nothing delights us more than finding works that clients want to live and engage with – except maybe, when those works enhance the built environment around them, and vice versa. For a young family seeking art for their pied-à-terre, we built a small collection of works by female artists including Cornelia Parker, Clare Rojas, and Lisa Kereszi. We installed a large-scale photograph by Kereszi in the jewel-box sitting room, adding depth and perspective to the small space.

On the other hand, the placement of a client’s Alex Katz painting in a corner of the dining room gives a fresh perspective on the piece itself. The woman’s figure appears to lean casually against the wall, taking on the characteristics of a stylish dinner party guest.


Saraceno sculpture installation at Bond St apartment
A studied situation: Saraceno captivates inside – and out- of the client’s home

Magic Takes Time

At our Bond Street project, we planned the art installation from the very beginning of the interior design process. The client’s Tomás Saraceno sculpture was drawn and studied months in advance (essential, because the anchors needed to be drilled pre-lacquer to avoid cracks in the ceiling). Finally anchors were drilled in, the sculpture was installed, and adjustments were made… all so that the work could be removed, cleaned, and stored until final installation months later. Meaningful solutions often require planning and detail, beyond what meets the eye.


Over the door: as seen by Elena at Versailles, and at Exhibition The Barn

Art That Surprises

A simple but powerful tool: consider the full vertical space. We’re so accustomed to seeing art centered at eye level that by placing a work higher, lower, or in what might otherwise be an overlooked expanse of wall, it creates a moment for surprise and delight. Our favorite location? Over the door.


Our art advisory services support diverse clients and projects. We’d love to hear from you. 


Spirit of the works comes first

Spirit of the space will follow the work

An outdoor-safe work by artist Elise Ferguson commissioned for a client in Palm Beach

Always studied, nothing left to chance

Art that turns the corner and guides the eye

Installing raku ceramic works within a neutral modern beach home

Sequencing and studying the installation of over 80 works at the client's Florida estate

The careful calibration... and the final installation

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