Entry with ombre mirror and living room detail

Living room detail of hand painted mural and Campana chair

Living room interior design with hand painted mural and built in shelves

Living Room with a Purple Sofa in the Middle and Two Big Mirrors to the sides

Round Stairs and a Corner Sofa in Brown Shades and Polygon Forms

Gramercy-Townhouse Living Room with Three Cube-Shaped Small Tables and a Cabinet with a Broken Mirror Effect

Gramercy Townhouse | A Sitting Area with Furniture in Different Colors and A Dark Bathroom With Flower Wallpaper

The Leyton Penthouse | Big Moon Decoration on the Wall and a Living Room with Sitting Area next with views of the city

Comfortable Grey Relaxing Chair By The Window and a View of a Living Room

Top View of Cozy Living Room with Views of The City and A Dining Area in Purple Shades

View of a room with Big Wooden Wardrope, Blue Wallpaper with birds and brown cozy chairs next to a fireplace.

Outside View of a Blue House and an Indoor View of a Living Room

Brooklyn Townhouse Big Front Wooden door and entryway view of a Chair by a Fireplace

Black Vase with White Decorative Flowers on a Wooden Cabinet and a White Tux Sofa

Brooklyn Townhouse | blue wallpaper in lounge space with blue tiles in bathroom

Living Room with White Interior Design, A Big Cozy Tux Sofa and Views of the Nature

White Corridor with Multiple Decorative Elements on the Wall and A View of a Living Room

Spacious Kitchen in Brown and Grey Shades, A Dining Table next to a Huge Window, and L-Shaped Cozy White Sofa

Lounge room details with woven blanket and custom wooden shelf in a bedroom

Spacious Corridor with A Working Area and A White Reading Arm Chair

White living room couch and Black floating shelves and desk

15 Hudson Yards Entrance view of a Corridor with a bicolored rug in Green Hues and a Living Room with a Green Armchair.

Livingroom interior and Custom-made Millwork door

Dining room with Purple Interior design and Custom-made Millwork Liquor Cabinets

A Living Room with a Blue and Purple Interior Design and Big Windows with Views of the Buildings

Spacious Livingroom With Views of The Buildings and A Cozy Sitting Area with a Blue Interior Design

Sun Loft | Livingroom With Vibrant Interior Design and a Comfortable Sitting Area next to Big Windows with city view

Large Sofa in Yellow Color and a Design with Birds and Flowers, and two Ball-Shaped Pillows

Large Vibrant Yellow Sofa and Small Shiny Red Table

View of Living Room and a Wooden Decoration on a White Cube-Shaped Base

White Transparent Curtains with Repetitive Patterns and A View of A Living room from The Winter Show ’21 Exhibition

Decorative Chair in Golden Shades

View of seating area with chairs and small table, small room in a garage

Custom-made Millwork Bookcase and Fireplace

Two White Leather Armchairs and a Round Crystal Table with a View of A Spacious Living Room

A close-up view of a golden decoration and a cozy beige armchair by a fireplace

Fireplace with A Grey Marble Frame and a View of a Living Room

Livingroom seat and a Dining Room with Blue Interior Design, a big table and golden-shaded chairs

Dining Room in Dark Blue Shades, Floral Golden Wallpaper, and A Large Rectangular Blue Table

View of Cozy Seating Area and Dining Room with Dark Blue Interior Design

Crystal Bowl on Table and Metallic Flowerpot with Yellow Flowers placed atop Books

Cozy Sofa and Three-Tier Crystal CoffeeTable and A Dining Corner with Yellow Chairs

Platinum-Hideway | Living Room with Blue Interior Design and Views of the City

Platinum-Hideway | Blue Armchair and A Wooden Decorative Table

Illuminated Living room with blue sofa and impressive views of the city

A Bed Next to a White Fireplace and a View of a Mirror next to a Straight Staircase

A Golden Cancer Decoration and Four Decorative Cans on the Frame of the Fireplace

View of Living Room with Cozy Sitting, Dining and Working Areas

Cozy Brown Leather Sofa and Crystal Table and A Wooden Kitchen Cupboard

Livingroom designed using warm tones of brown and gray

Bond-Street | Working Area with Vibrant Paintings and a View of a Living Room

Bond-Street | Living Room with Smart TV and Books on Wooden Shelves and a Billiard Table

Dining Room with Cozy Sitting Area next to the Terrace Door

Morningside Avenue Lounge Living Room with Grey Interior Design, Light Green L-Shaped Sofa and a Black Billiard Table

Venice loft outdoor view of a garden. Sitting area on the lawn and a table with a bowl of cherries and a fresh fruit drink

Venice loft indoor view of a living room with a cozy brown sofa and a blue armchair by the window and outdoor seating view

Livingroom with a Round Marble White Table and a Sitting Area with a Bookcase

Spacious Living Room with White Tux Sofa and Armchairs and Two Black Round Tables

Spacious Living Room with a Seating Area next to Large Window with City View

Living Room with Comfortable Seating Area and Views of the Garden

Living Room with Green Interior Design, A Cozy Round Sofa with Six Pink Decorative Pillows, and A Round Crystal Table

Living Room with Purple Interior Design

View of A Living Room with Brown Leather Sofa and A Blue Armchair

Living Room with Cozy Seating Area in Brown Shades and A Decorative Table Lamp

Living Room with Cozy Seating Area and A Black Open Hand Statue

Dark Brown Royal Piano and A Wall with Multiple Paintings in Different Sizes

Iacono Residence | Cozy livingroom With Comfortable Furniture in Brown Tones and a Fireplace at the Bottom

Frampton Living Room with Brown and Grey Interior Design

A Wooden Piano next to a Full-Lenght Mirror Panel on the Wall

http://www.framptonco.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/2014_10_21-Curated-56774XX.jpg http://www.framptonco.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/2014_10_21-Curated-56796.jpg

Living Room with View of a Bridge and A Vibrant Persian Carpet Design

Grey Leather Sofa And A Dark Brown Wooden Cabinet


Dark Wooden Kitchen with A Coffee Table, White Armchair and A Dining room with Wooden Table and Abstract Painting

Living room set up with a hidden TV by Two Mirrors

L-Shaped Comfortable Tux Sofa and Coffee Table in Golden Shades

View of Dining Room and Black Candlesticks on the Table

Spacious Living Room with Big Windows and Views of the City

View of Living Room With Pink Wallpaper and Grey Metallic Sofa

Top View of A Modern Blue Greek Rug and an Armchair from the F Collection

F Collection Blue Dining Table with brown chair

Blue Decoration Grass in Beige Vase

Living Room with White Furniture, A White Lamp and Views of the City

Light Blue Bench next to A Big Window with Views of the City

Spacious Living Room with White Sofa and Armchairs and Views of the City

White bookshelf and Livingroom reading chair

Living Room With Two White and Black Armchairs and Purple Rug

A Cube-Shaped Black Marble Table next to a Blue Sofa and a cozy Armchair

View of Living Room With Purple And Yellow Interior Design