Our art advisory leads with the principle of pleasure.

Our Approach

We believe the pleasure of collecting and living with art is at the forefront of the experience, whether that manifests spiritually, intellectually, or even spatially. Our in-depth knowledge of the art market works in accord with an expert understanding of lifestyle and interiors; this harmonious intersection of personal-practical-spatial is what sets us apart.

We offer guidance to both new and established art buyers, whether you’re buying your first piece or want to diversify and reinterpret an existing collection. We also regularly partner with the wider architecture and design community to facilitate and advise on art programs for a wide range of projects.

“We’re fluent in both art and design. Our dual credentials uniquely position us to provide a distinct service: we find artworks that clients want to live and engage with. That means finding the right work for the space and the person. It’s finding work that allows you to see or feel differently every time you look at it. It’s an immaterial quality, of interpretation and expression, and different for every client. Navigating that process of discovery is what I find most exciting.”

- Elena Frampton

Our Art Advisory Services

Creative Collaboration

We understand the sensitive dynamics at play in developing a collection, whether your interests are personal and residential or brand-based and commercial.

  • Engage in dialogue and develop collection goals
  • Visit the site, asses spatial and light considerations
  • Develop the budgetary parameters
  • Refine the scope and timeline


We curate with confidence, knowing that our strategic recommendations are informed by your creative goals and our understanding of the current market and resources.

  • Initiate dialogue via Rorschach-style imagery
  • Conceptualization process
  • Gallery and artist studio visits
  • Tailored strategy and planning
  • Presentation with attention to scale


We guide our clients through the process of buying art, always with their specific collection goals and needs top of mind.

  • Consideration of art as investment
  • Exclusive access to private opportunities
  • Dealer negotiation
  • Gallery and artist studios relations
  • Market analysis, guidance, and representation


We speak the language of interior design fluently. From advising on art as a spatial and experiential feature to creative site-specific solutions, we’re experts when it comes to installation planning.

  • Communicative drawings and elevations
  • Lighting and design-related elements
  • Design and execution of site-specific solutions
  • Coordination and management of trades

Logistics & Storage

Our coordination services ensure the selected artworks are framed or mounted to meet the space or project’s design objectives, while managing post-sale logistics for a smooth and timely arrival.

  • Oversee framing and mounting details
  • Coordinate art handling and delivery
  • Installation management & oversight

Collection Management

Whether we’re cataloging inventory or directing a rotation of works for a fresh perspective, we consider everything from the essential to the experiential.

  • Site visits and assessments
  • Collection inventory cataloging
  • Installation strategy and exhibition rotation
  • Guidance on conservation and preservation