Art Advisory

At Frampton Co, we spend a lot of time digging through the vaults of influential art galleries, combing art fairs and visiting studios to discover hidden gems.

Woman Standing Against Fireplace

Our art advisory service is a portal to the pleasures of collecting and living with art, wherever you are on the journey.

We offer guidance to both new and established art buyers, whether you’re buying your first piece or want to diversify and reinterpret an existing collection. We also regularly partner with the wider architecture and design community to facilitate and advise on art programs for a wide range of projects.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Red Leather Armchair
Gray Armchairs
Hanging Lights
Red Painting Living Room
Light Blue and White Patio Set
Glass and Gold Coffee Table
Bedroom with Yellow Throw
Green Chair Room
Light Blue Wallpaper
Colorful Painting
Mahogany Wood Walls
Dining Room