Outdoor lounge with an orange sofa and a small sculptural table with a close-up of decoration

Outdoor lounge with an orange sofa and small black sculptural table

Outdoor lounge with light blue sculptural chairs and a small blue table

Outdoor terrace with views of a water pool, sculptural chairs, an orange sofa and a table

Outdoor view of NYC buildings and skyscrapers and The Central Park

Outdoor view of a two-floor residence with crystal railing and big windows

Outdoor seating by the beach with wooden chairs and deck

View of deck chairs and a pool beneath stairs outdoors.

Outdoor view of a building. A wooden dining table and white and blue chairs by big windows with views of the neighborhood.

Outdoor seating lounge with overhang

Outdoor view of rooftop lounge with crystal railing, a comfortable white sofa, and armchairs, sculptural tables.

View of outdoor pool and seating, as well as indoor lounge area by the balcony

View of seating area with chairs and small table, small room in a garage

Frampton Exhibition House at The Barn location

Lounge area by windows and view of an outdoor lounge area with sofa and small table

Frank SH Outdoor view of doorway and riverside bridge

Outdoor view of a living room in a residence with big windows

Larchmont Outdoor Building Street and Indoor View of a an Entrance to the Bedroom

Venice loft outdoor grass lawn and a folding textile chair with printed colorful text

Venice loft outdoor view of a garden. Sitting area on the lawn and a table with a bowl of cherries and a fresh fruit drink

Venice loft indoor view of a living room with a cozy brown sofa and a blue armchair by the window and outdoor seating view

Beverly Hills Canyon Residence | Exterior Dining Room outdoor view

540 W 28TH Street Outdoor Rooftop with Sitting area, deck chairs and stunning views of the city

540 W 28TH Street View of A Dark Building Facade and Penthouse Apartment Rooms

540 W 28TH Street Facade of an Apartment Building and Outdoor Seating view

Blue-Colored Flowers in a White Vase on a Blue desk by a gray wall and painting