Frampton Co Interior Design

Child's room with red-white wallpaper and blue bathroom with bathtub

Child's room with colorful wallpaper and tiled bathroom

Custom dark blue wood framed Bunkbeds and a globe over a blue desk

Child's bunkbed bedroom and desk space in Dark Blue Wood and toys on the carpet

Pastel blue wallpaper with butterflies and spotted black and white wallpaper

Child's bedroom detail in Kies Residence with toys and board

Top View of a White Children's desk and a White Board with a drawing

Child's wooden desks and red and pink chairs in Upper East Side residence

Children's bedroom in warm tones with desk and beds

Sagaponack residence | Kid's bedroom with pink mermaid wallpaper and a white bed

Sagaponack residence Indoor View of a pastel cherry tree drawing wallpaper

Walls with Sagaponack Continent Map in blue and white

Walls with Sagaponack Continent Map in blue and white

Children's lounge room with a big window, couches, colorful pillows and blue walls.

Pink Wallpaper with Repeated Patterns, Big White Sofa, and a Plant in a Black cube-shaped flowerpot on a small grey table.

Large Corridor in Warm tones, a beige rug, a big wall with red curvy lines wallpaper and wooden doors