Airy dining room and kitchen with custom steel and fluted glass cabinet design

Kitchen With Black Equipment and Cozy Dining Room with Blue Flowered Wallpaper

Gramercy-Townhouse Seating Area And A Dining Room

Top View of Cozy Living Room with Views of The City and A Dining Area in Purple Shades

Sara Kerens | Rosies | Spacious Dining Area with a Bar Counter to the Left and a Multiple Dining Tables to the Right

View of Two Dining Areas with Blue and Yellow Interior Design

Dining Room with Blue and Yellow Interior Design and A Wooden Dining Table stuffed with Plates

Kitchen Bar Counter Stuffed with Alcoholic Beverages

Wooden Dining Table and Four Chairs next to a White Fireplace

Spacious Kitchen in Brown and Grey Shades, A Dining Table next to a Huge Window, and L-Shaped Cozy White Sofa

Outdoor view of a building. A wooden dining table and white and blue chairs by big windows with views of the neighborhood.

15 Hudson Yards Entrance view of a Corridor with a bicolored rug in Green Hues and a Living Room with a Green Armchair.

Livingroom interior and Custom-made Millwork door

Dining room with Purple Interior design and Custom-made Millwork Liquor Cabinets

Red Leather Decoration With Multiple Cones and A View of a Dining Room with Intense Color Palette

Spacious Livingroom With Views of The Buildings and A Cozy Sitting Area with a Blue Interior Design

Large Bar Counter with White Bar Chairs and Dining Room In Blue and Yellow Shades

View from Different Angles of A Dining Room with Large Beige Table and Turquoise Chairs

Sara Kerens | Rosies | View of Spacious Dining Room

Dining Room in Dark Blue Shades, Floral Golden Wallpaper, and A Large Rectangular Blue Table

View of Cozy Seating Area and Dining Room with Dark Blue Interior Design

Livingroom seat and a Dining Room with Blue Interior Design, a big table and golden-shaded chairs

Cozy Sofa and Three-Tier Crystal CoffeeTable and A Dining Corner with Yellow Chairs

Larchmont Outdoor Building Street and Indoor View of a an Entrance to the Bedroom

Мovable Wooden Тable and Shelves with Alcoholic Beverages

Elegant Wooden Wall Lamp and A Dining Room with Purple Interior Design

Dining Crystal Table with Wooden Table Legs and Wooden Chairs

Round Wooden Dining Table with Three Chairs and L-Shaped Cozy Sofa

Livingroom with a Round Marble White Table and a Sitting Area with a Bookcase

Spacious Kitchen with White Interior Design and Grey Straight Stairs

Black kitchen and dining room and a Hallway lit up with blue overhead lights

Rectangular Wooden Dining Table With Polygon Decorations Atop It and a Black Kitchen Bar Table

Spacious Kitchen With Dark Wooden Furniture and A Dining Table and A Kitchen Counter

View of a Kitchen with a round table stacked with books and surrounded by three chairs.

Rectangular Wooden Dining Table and An Abstract Painting with Warm Colors

Dark Wooden Kitchen with A Coffee Table, White Armchair and A Dining room with Wooden Table and Abstract Painting

View of Dining Room and Black Candlesticks on the Table

Spacious Kitchen With Dark Wooden Cupboard and Rectangular Crystal Dining Table with Six Chairs.

Kitchen with Dark Wooden Cupboard and a dining wooden round table with four chairs

Sitting Area with White Interior Design | White Bathtub and Sink With Cabinet and Mirror

Dining Corner with Leather Dining Sofa and White Table