What do you say when New York Cottages & Gardens says they are teaming up with the Brooklyn Heights Association to do their first show house a block from your apartment? If you’re our creative director Elena Frampton – you

We often look to art and fashion for color inspiration, particularly for more unusual color combinations.  The interiors industry is known to be slower to the fashion industry in this realm and industry-forecasted colors do not necessarily manifest into actual

Our fun and chic New York city clients moved to a traditional house in the suburbs! Their 1929 Georgian house required an extensive kitchen renovation to enlarge the space, add more light, and incorporate updated appliances and features to better

The personalized design at our recent Bond Street project showcases three major transformations. We sought a dramatic yet earthy elegance for the new living room fireplace. Heath Ceramic’s grey matte tile was the perfect choice with inherent subtle variations. We

Pink often gets a reputation for being too saccharine a color but, with the right balance, pink-toned spaces can create a flattering, warm environment for the people within them. In order to achieve a feminine-masculine balance, we combine pink with

Iacono Residence | Cozy livingroom With Comfortable Furniture in Brown Tones and a Fireplace at the Bottom

A word often used to describe our spaces? Comfortable. One of the best ways to achieve a “comfortable” space through design is by playing with the balance of warm and cool tones in a color palette. Beyond paint, textured rugs