Before and After Stylish Study

What do you say when New York Cottages & Gardens says they are teaming up with the Brooklyn Heights Association to do their first show house a block from your apartment? If you’re our creative director Elena Frampton – you say “custom ombré fringe?”

Perched on the second floor of a classic New York brownstone, the canopy of trees inspired the vibe. We wrapped the room in a custom colorway of Flavor Paper’s fantastic Wild Thing pattern and installed antique mirror panels to reflect the light. The figural furniture is a compilation of custom, vintage and one of a kind prototypes – each with a character all their own. The walls are adorned with art from the late 1960s and 70s that add sophistication and help balance the furniture. We’re presenting several custom pieces, including the lipstick red lacquer desk and its friendly striped chair with leather wrapped legs. We sought moments of surprise and levity, whether it’s the layered palette, the free form coffee table or the custom hand-dipped ombré fringed curtains.

The room is a nod to Frampton Co’s modus operandi: integrate art with décor, create a few surprises, and inspire a fresh spirit into a classic space.

Shared lounging area with two comfortable armchairs, a sculptural wooden table, and a fluffy sofa by a fireplace
Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse | Red Round Table and Cozy Sitting area next to the Fireplace

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