What do you say when New York Cottages & Gardens says they are teaming up with the Brooklyn Heights Association to do their first show house a block from your apartment? If you’re our creative director Elena Frampton – you

Our fun and chic New York city clients moved to a traditional house in the suburbs! Their 1929 Georgian house required an extensive kitchen renovation to enlarge the space, add more light, and incorporate updated appliances and features to better

A quick jaunt to Lisbon, Europe’s westernmost city, infused the studio with some much needed sunshine, seafood, and an endless supply of beautiful handcrafted tiles and ceramics. Patterns dance across the ancient city and serve as a common thread as

A range of animal-inspired patterns helps bring a friendly tone to any space, be it literal or abstract, playful or sculptural. We’re particularly drawn to bold patterns, in color and scale, like the flamingo wallpaper found in Brooklyn’s Royal Palms