Waterfront Estate

Location: Southampton, New York

Expansive Shinnecock Bay views are the focal point for our Southampton house design. In classic summer style, our deadline was expedited for a Memorial Day installation. The architectural renovation of the 6,500 square foot main house was simplified in favor of a timely cosmetic design. We streamlined existing moldings and trims, created a soft paint color palette and gauzy window treatments, and artfully furnished the interior and exterior. Our curation of a new art collection takes center stage, and we sourced art from Berlin to San Francisco and everywhere in between. The livable aesthetic provides a comfortable weekend home for our returning client, with a layered yet modern richness unexpected at the beach. We brought texture through fabrics and selected vintage furnishings with sculptural silhouettes. The art works paired with the client’s sense of adventure enabled us to create a uniquely flavored Hamptons house.