Sun Loft | Livingroom With Vibrant Interior Design and a Comfortable Sitting Area next to Big Windows with city view

Sun Loft

Location: Noho, New York

Integrating art, design and construction from the off, this modern loft belonging to a repeat client occupies a corner unit inside the Annabelle Selldorf–designed building on Bond Street. A vibrant playfulness is carried throughout the apartment to reflect the owner’s lust for life, expressed through rich hues, layered patterns and textures, and surprising sculptural forms.

Subtle details, such as the brass trim on the kitchen cabinets and the leather seam on wool-upholstered bedroom walls, neutralize the more adventurous additions and root them in reality. The ceiling is lacquered to complement the wall-to-wall windows and reflect the bustling street life below.

The art selection for this home focused on boldness and precision. The Tomás Saraceno sculpture at the corner window was custom commissioned to be experienced from inside as well as out, interacting with the architecture in a specifically exhibitionist way. Other works by Tarik Kiswanson, Matthew Stone and Banksy add dynamism throughout.