In a New York Minute

The phrase ‘In a New York minute’ comes to mind when thinking about how we deliver quality, meaningfully designed spaces to our clients on ever shrinking project schedules. Whether it’s a new addition to the family coming in a short few months, the sale or purchase of a home that kick starts a new project, or simply the thrill of wanting it now – we’ve done it all.

When designing on a tight deadline we are strategic in making efficient decisions for the most design impact. The use of color through paint cannot be underestimated. We develop a paint story with layered neutrals, emphasize areas like bed walls and hallways with darker tones, and play with contrasting colors in unexpected places (a pink ceiling anyone?). Flooring–wise, beautiful rugs from quality vendors are often readily available. We’ll grab a patterned rug off the showroom floor and layer it over a larger broadloom carpet cut to fit for a stylish and immediate solution.

Work with what is available. Vintage is always in stock. Consider pairing statement vintage furnishings and light fixtures with contemporary. Many manufacturers and even catalog companies have quick-ship programs. Bold art creates spaces that feel nuanced and personal. Fewer larger size art works bring great design impact and a mix of paintings and photography avoid an impersonal showroom aesthetic. Lastly, no need to fear mixing bold textures and patterns. In a pinch it’s a simple way to add depth and complexity to your space… quickly!

View of Living Room With Purple And Yellow Interior Design

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