ICFF Panel Discussion: Dialogues about Art & Design

Elena participated in a great conversation among a distinguished panel “Dialogues: Art in Design”, with Bruce Bierman and Scott Himmel moderated by Glenn Gissler. Our studio is naturally art-centric and loved the Q&A! Elena brought her unique perspective:

How important is selecting art early in the design process?  

Guiding clients with an art collection early in the process of designing their home is essential in our projects. Understanding the visual focal points helps decision making in the construction planning with lighting as well as the decorative elements from color palette to placement of pattern.

What comes first, the art or the design?

Many of our clients come to us for layered environments that are both artistically inspired and livable. While we approach each project uniquely based on proportion, light, and spirit, we share the vision that art brings humanity to spaces and may be a life-enhancing source of joy.

How do designers talk Art with their clients? 

We provide a baseline framework for specific artists and galleries, edit the vast options, and even bolster confidence in our client’s own gut reactions. Rooms often call for certain mediums. A wall without a window might long for large scale photography with perspective to provide depth. A minimal architecturally quiet space might want a three-dimensional work or a canvas with textural brushstrokes.

Where do you source Art?

We have relationships with gallerists, attend art fairs, and also work direct with artists. Essentially, the process entails good old fashion research. We maintain an archive and make selections for particular clients based on certain genres such as abstract paintings or photography and then seek out available works considering size parameters and cost with specific artists.

Let’s talk budget!

When navigating a budget, we may purchase  works on paper and limited edition photography and focus on emerging artists. We consider scale and tend to assemble fewer larger works. No need to be intimated by the art scene, record breaking auction sales, or blue chip artists. If budget is truly a predominant factor when designing your home just purchase a bed, a sofa, and two beloved works of art. The rest can wait and you’ll be inspired in the meantime!

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