Amagansett Dunes House Entryway view of a Staircase with crystal railing and a small working area in a Corridor

Livingroom interior and Custom-made Millwork door

Dining room with Purple Interior design and Custom-made Millwork Liquor Cabinets

Custom-made Millwork Walk-in Closet Shelves and Bedside table

Custom-made Millwork Dining table and Kitchen cabinets

Custom-made Millwork Bookcase and Fireplace

White themed bedroom and Custom-made Millwork Walk-in closet Shelving

Custom dark blue wood framed Bunkbeds and a globe over a blue desk

Child's bunkbed bedroom and desk space in Dark Blue Wood and toys on the carpet

Livingroom seat and a Dining Room with Blue Interior Design, a big table and golden-shaded chairs

Big Wooden Wardrobe with lighting, Comfortable Chair in Brown Shades, and Full-Length Mirror

Livingroom designed using warm tones of brown and gray

Livingroom with a Round Marble White Table and a Sitting Area with a Bookcase

Spacious Living Room with a Seating Area next to Large Window with City View

Office area with shelves, office desk with a table lamp, an office chair, an abstract painting and a photo on the wall

Wooden Seating area design with hidden shelves and desk space

Living room set up with a hidden TV by Two Mirrors

White bookshelf and Livingroom reading chair