The Barn | Summer '20 | Cozy Armchair, White Sofa, Circular Small Table and Abstract Painting in Different Colors and Sizes

The Barn Summer ’20

Location: The Barn

A fresh curation: The Wildness and Contemplation of the Outdoors into 3rd Summer Show at Exhibition The Barn in Bridgehampton

Elena produced the show as we re-engaged with the vitality of the natural world during lockdown. She leaned into artist relationships to commission or secure new works,  most powerfully with Nick Missel, an emerging designer who casts large-scale undefinable shapes in silicone. And through her process of research and Facetime studio visits, that led, most excitingly, to new-to-the-scene artist-designer Sunshine Thacker of Texas. Alongside Thacker’s work are select pieces from our own F Collection, the bespoke line of fine furniture designed and produced in-house; as well as art and design from emerging talents like Elias Hansen and Fitzhugh Karol, a strong highlight of female painter Kazuko Inoue and market veterans Wendell Castle, Matthew Satz, among others. Unconventional color, shapes and forms anchor the space, true to our reigning art and design ethos: break the mold, shift the perspective, make it wild. Every work is beautifully layered and complex with their own story to tell.