The Barn | Terra Cognita '19 | Exhibition of artist's works made using raw and organic materials

Terra Cognita ’19

Location: The Barn

Elena and fellow creative business woman and friend, Currie Person of Spartan Shop, have traveled the world on annual inspiration trips for over 15 years, so it was no surprise when the two decided to co-curate a show, Terra Cognita, at Exhibition this past summer.

Elena and Currie’s mutual fascination with raw and organic materials with the fluidity that can exist between indoor and outdoor spaces inspired the collection of artist’s works made especially for Exhibition. “We were captivated by a sense of existing simultaneously in a lush natural world and in the intimate elegance of constructed spaces, the tension born of juxtaposing made against wild.” -Currie Person.

Terra Cognita illustrated this seductive tension by adhering to artists working in modes and materials that are both of the earth- porous and fleeting—yet invested in eloquent and considered geometries. Exhibition continues to evolve as a platform to share engaging art and design experiences through sincere and gratifying collaborations.