The Barn | Summer 2019 | Exhibition of Sculptural Furniture by R & Company, Johnny Swing, and Wendell Castle

The Barn Summer ’19

Location: The Barn

In the dead of winter we conceived the idea for the second show at Exhibition The Barn and kicked-off collaborations with creative partners. Elena sought a transformative vibrant all-encompassing installation and invited artist Elise Ferguson to visit Bridgehampton in January. Elise opened the door, her eyes lit up, and she said, “this is a magical garage.” The result: Ferguson’s largest textile installation to date, Full May, a powerful 5-gradient color canvas panels 50-feet in length. While it appears to be digital, upon closer look the hand painted and screen painted elements are revealed.

Elena curated the Summer 2019 show with select furnishings from R & Company. The design works celebrated sculptural form and varied materials, such as Johnny Swing’s welded quarters Murmuration Bench and Wendell Castle’s undulating Pinkie Floor Lamp. Our own F Collection complemented the arrangement with our Relaxed Tuxedo Sofa, a 14-foot bespoke stunner, our shapely lacquered Arc Desk, and the Modern Greek Rug.

True to the Frampton Co mission, the innovative dynamic show blurred conventional design paradigms and explored new ways to engage with art.