Endless Forms Most Beautiful ’24

Location: Bridgehampton, NY

Frampton Co and Flowers Gallery present Endless Forms Most Beautiful, an exhibition of works made by Janelle Lynch on view May 11 through June 29, 2024 at Exhibition The Barn in Bridgehampton.

This exhibition of works made by Janelle Lynch in Amagansett, New York during 2022-2023, follows a critically acclaimed solo show from the series at Flowers Gallery Kingsland Road space in London last year. ⁠On view will be cyanotypes, a cameraless 19th century photographic process, of botanical and wildlife remains and Lynch’s own body through which she affirms the fundamental value of all life in its various manifestations, including the afterlife. The unique works are evidence of physical existence and, as abstractions in hues of blue and white, also suggest the ethereal world. ⁠ ⁠ On view by appointment through June 29, 2024⁠