Frampton Co UES Pre-war Apartment

UES Pre-War Duplex

Location: New York, New York

Located within the landmarked Studio Building on the Upper East Side, this duplex apartment was purchased by clients with an appreciation for the historically significant architecture. Our renovation and interior design focused on reimagining the classic spirit of the space, simultaneously softening and amping up the drama with youthful energy and artistic exuberance.

The centerpiece of the home is the double-height grand salon. We emphasized the volume of the space with the addition of a chandelier and mirrors flanking the fireplace, while creating a sense of livability and containment by reducing the number of openings. A custom-designed banquette sofa anchors the room, surrounded by vignettes that reflect the clients’ sensitive regard for vintage pieces and mid-century design. In the adjoining living spaces, we favored saturated color and pattern for more intimate, jewel box experiences.

Project in collaboration with architect Jeffrey Hall.