Rosie's Restaurant | Blue, white, and beige Interior Design, Large Bar Counter and A Dining Area to the Right.

Rosie’s Restaurant

Location: Amagansett, New York

Taking care of the spatial conception and renovation of this fresh addition to the Hamptons culinary scene, we crafted an interior that expresses the restaurateur’s vision for a curated but casual eatery with a community energy.

Featuring photographs by Jesse Frohman throughout, their imperfect floral and still life scenes reflect the design ethos and natural surroundings in an unexpected way. The attention to detail carries through to the restrooms, which showcase photography by Lance Clayton, Keith Sharp and Kristen Hatgi.

With cool tones and a versatile layout that flexes to accommodate early birds and night owls alike, the design enhances the restaurant’s chic yet approachable beachy vibe that local foodies have fallen in love with.