Modern steel kitchen with travertine counter and custom painted mural wall

Central Park West

Location: New York, New York

Located on Central Park West, this apartment was purchased by a young woman seeking a serene, sophisticated home. When Elena first encountered the residence, it was clear that the space required finessing to reach it’s true potential, and conceived an airy, ethereal vision of both quietude and strength.

In response to what was initially a conventional high-rise envelope, we reoriented the home’s shared spaces and improved the spatial experience. Open sight lines and custom curvilinear elements achieve a tailored result with smooth, sinuous flow between kitchen, living, and dining areas. Nature abounds in form and motif throughout, but the pièce de résistance is found in the living room. A custom, hand-painted mural wraps the space in a soft, grayscale forest, elevating the home to a true work of art.

The client, a new collector, brought an eagerness and interest in art to the process. We selected works by contemporary artists Terry Evans, Laura Fayer, and James Clar that would enhance the spirit of simplicity and beauty within the home, while bringing a well-rounded, multimedia approach to the burgeoning collection.