540 West 28th Street | Table and Sofa in Grey Shades and Two Black Chairs

540 West 28th Street

Location: Chelsea, New York

Right in the heart of the Chelsea art district, this comprehensive building identity stretches from the lobby and the corridors to the units and amenities. Evoking the quiet contemplation of an art gallery, the lobby arrangement takes its cues from the surrounding neighborhood. The individual units are kept largely neutral, but subtle details bring them to life, such as full height black-painted doors, master baths with lacquer vanities and playful accents in the form of bright orange hand showers. For the triplex penthouse unit, we developed a striking, text-based mural concept that appeals to the area’s art-savvy prospective buyers, while not detracting from the minimalist atmosphere. Custom-designed vanity light fixtures and blackened steel hardware reinforce the industrial tone.