The Making of a Mural

For a loft in Tribeca, we were tasked with re-imagining the entrance hall. This space serves as the core entryway to the living area and two bedroom wings, with access to closets and wine storage. Our goal?  Streamline a wall with varying door sizes as well as create an all-encompassing, bold art gesture that welcomes and transitions you into the open loft beyond. We sought a shimmery, reflective texture to bring light to a windowless area. Hand-painted artistry helped avoid the symmetry of wallpaper and move seamlessly from wall to ceiling. Toying with the visitor’s field of vision, the ceiling quietly and literally fades into the adjacent living room.

New York

31 Union Square West #15E
New York, NY 10003


141 Maple Lane
Bridgehampton, NY 11932


212 448 1091