Mix Metals

While we tend to avoid trends and create unique visions for each of our projects, we do employ certain tried and true design strategies. Mixing metal finishes- such as brass, copper, and stainless steel – helps to create timeless and engaging spaces. A brass table leg will complement a chrome chair detail in eclectic fashion. A diverse furniture collection may come more naturally than variations within the interior architecture. Clients often approach us with the idea that “all the metals must match”, perhaps limiting to only polished nickel in the bathroom. We might suggest the plumbing fixtures in sparkling polished nickel with accessories or vanity hardware in a matte brass. When accentuated, hardware and plumbing is often the jewelry of a space. Blending warm and cool tones bring balance and layering textures like matte with a high polished creates an interesting visual. Metal finishes often communicate what era they are from and mixing materials creates an appealing timelessness.

Kitchen with Wooden Cupboard and a Large Rectangle Wooden Table

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