Five Years in the Making, in Elena’s Words

Cinco de Mayo marked the 5-year anniversary of Frampton Co. I treated myself with a visit to the nursery for some flora – that is, after I found one that was open. I took my time roaming, stopping and smelling and reflected on our growth, tenaciousness, and how equipped we’ve become through the process. We’re prepared for what we’re faced with today with a passionate team and loyal community, and a stronger-than-ever vision for the one-of-a-kind work we’re creating.

This month, the Female Design Council invited me to participate in a talk about the state of the design business. Without sugar coating, I described the challenges we faced during the pivot, logistics of running our projects efficiently, and the optimism of our innate artistry – the life force of our vision. The previous business hurdles of the Recession, Hurricane Sandy, and the local midtown steam pipe explosion have fortified the studio’s agility and strength. We are not just coping – we are maximizing our processes and creativity. We’re powered by remote access to design programs, administrative and project management tools, genuine vendor relationships, and a host of incredible long-term clients.

At the core, it’s about being true to conceiving and executing artistic vision. This month also saw the release of a podcast on Clever, which I can safely say is the most publicly vulnerable I have *ever* gotten about that vision: where it came from, how it matured, and how it became Frampton Co. That vision is what gets me up in the morning and keeps me driving forward. It also fuels my business strategies, defines us and makes us different, the special sauce that we (and we alone) can offer our clients.

This anniversary month coincides with the quarantine, a less scheduled day and opportunity to re-balance. The pause provided some space to ask the questions: How do I bring more joy and inspiration to myself and my community? The artistry and creative juices have flowed with color and pattern studies, artist research, furniture design explorations alongside tending to my own landscape with herbs, succulents and fragrant florals. You may even spot me in Bridgehampton on a midday bike ride (a truly unprecedented respite!).

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